Dhaka To Cox’s Bazar Air Ticket Price

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Dhaka To Cox’s Bazar Air Ticket Price and Deal

Dhaka To Coxs-Bazar Air Ticket Price

Dhaka To Cox`s Bazar Air Ticket,

Winter is taken into account because the main season for commercial enterprise in
Asian country as a result of the weather in summer isn’t that favourable for tourists.
traveler spot round the country attracts a really smart range of nature lovers from the full
world as Cox’s Bazar ocean beach is that the longest ocean beach of the globe.

Alongside road transport, an honest range of individuals prefer to jaunt Cox’s Bazar by air primarily from Dhaka

this text can highlight on Dhaka To Cox`s Bazar Air Ticket

Only the domestic airlines operate flights to the commercial enterprise town of Asian country. Among the domestic airlines, Biman Asian country Airlines, Novoair, United Airways, Regent Airlines, US-Bangla Airlines operates Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar regular flights. the subsequent table shows the flights out there for the journey from Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar.

Cox’s Bazar is that the touristry capital of Asian nation, it’s glorious for its wide sandy beach, that is that the world’s longest unbroken natural sandy ocean beach, that is a hundred twenty five km long with a mild slope. This south district town settled one hundred fifty klick south of Chittagong, adjacent to Myanmar border in southeastern aspect. Cox’s Bazar is additionally glorious by the name “Panowa”, the literal translation of which implies “yellow flower”. Its alternative previous name was “Palongkee”. the fashionable Cox’s Bazar derives its name from Captain Hiram Cox (died 1799), a political candidate served as Superintendent of Palonki (today’s Cox’s Bazar) inBritish East Indies Company.

The climate of Cox’s bazar is usually like the remainder of the country. it’s more characterised by the placement within the coastal space. The annual average temperature in Cox’s Bazar remains at a couple of most of thirty four.8 °C and a minimum of sixteen.1 °C. the common quantity of rain remains at four,285 mm.

The main attraction of Cox’s Bazar is that the long sandy beach that stretches from the mouth of the Bakkhali watercourse going all the thanks to Teknaf. though normally called Cox’s Bazar beach, it stretches way on the far side the world selected as Cox’s Bazar city.

Cox’s Bazar, largely noted for its lovely ocean beach and also the sunset, has many alternative attractions, including:

Laboni Beach:

laboni shoreline is considered as the fundamental shoreline region of coxs bazar as is at the focal area and near town. the shoreline is constantly swarmed by travelers. guests can sunbathe surf run cycle and swim. it is best to swim andunwinding. various trinket looks around the region can draw in visitor to buy the keepsakes shoreline adornments and some different stuffs.


placed regarding eighteen klick south of Cox’s Bazar on the ocean beach, could be a nice place for the picnic and film shooting. This picnic spot is known for its waterfalls. The road to Himchari runs by the open ocean on one facet and hills on the opposite, that makes the journey to Himchari terribly enticing. It’s another attraction is that the Christmas tree.

Enani Beach:

placed thirty five klick south of Cox’s Bazar, this white sandy beach is found at intervals Ukhia Thana. The beach is known for golden sand and clean shark free water, that is good for bathing. Most tourists value more highly to come back down here for reposeful as a result of it’s free from the group of tourists that’s typically seen at the Laboni beach.

Mineral content in beach sand: The sand at Cox’s Bazar beach and close areas is made in heavy-metal mineral content. The serious minerals of Cox’s Bazar beach sands ar dominated by amphibole, garnet, epidote, rutile, mineral and a few hydroxides. Cox’s Bazar beach alone is believed to own a deposit of five.119 Mt of minerals @ zero.04% mon, whereas near Enani beach is predicted to own another deposit of zero.729 Mt. of minerals @ zero.13% mon. close islands of Maheshkhali, Kutubdia and Nijhum Deep furthermore as ground beach in Teknaf space are believed to own similar giant deposits. the full deposit in these locations is regarding twenty.5 million a lot of raw sand, that contains four.4 million a lot of serious minerals.

Dhaka to Coxs Bazar Flight scheduel and price

Flight Number Departure Time Arrival Time Airlines Name Ticket Price


BG-1433 07:45 09:40 BIMAN 5000৳ Book Now
VQ-931 08:15 09:20 NOVOAIR 3900৳ Book Now
VQ-933 10:00 11:05 NOVOAIR 3900৳ Book Now
RX-0741 10:30 11:30 REGENT 3999৳ Book Now
VQ-935 11:15 12:20 NOVOAIR 3900৳ Book Now
BS-143 11:45 12:40 USBANGLA 6000৳ Book Now
VQ-937 13:15 14:20 NOVOAIR 3900৳ Book Now
RX-1741 13:30 14:30 REGENT 3999৳ Book Now
BG-433 14:00 14:45 BIMAN 5000৳ Book Now
BS-145 14:45 15:40 USBANGLA 6000৳ Book Now
VQ-939 115:00 16:05 NOVOAIR 3900৳ Book Now


      Coxs Bazar to Dhaka Flight scheduel And Price

Flight Number Departure Time Arrival Time Airlines Name Ticket Price


VQ-932 09:45 10:50 NOVOAIR 3900৳ Book Now
BG-1434 10:05 12:00 BIMAN 5000৳ Book Now
VQ-934 11:30 12:35 NOVOAIR 3900৳ Book Now
RX-0742 12:00 13:00 REGENT 3999৳ Book Now
VQ-936 12:45 13:50 NOVOAIR 4200৳ Book Now
BS-144 13:10 14:05 USBANGLA 6000৳ Book Now
VQ-938 14:45 15:50 NOVOAIR 4200৳ Book Now
RX-1742 15:00 16:00 REGENT 3999৳ Book Now
BG-434 15:35 16:25 BIMAN 5000৳ Book Now
BS-146 16:10 17:05 USBANGLA 6000৳ Book Now
VQ-940 16:30 17:35 NOVOAIR 3900৳ Book Now


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Dhaka To Cox’s Bazar Air Ticket

Biman Bangladesh Airlines:

Super Saver: BDT 4000
Economy Saver: BDT 5500
Economy Flexible: BDT 7500
Business Saver: BDT 10000
Business Flexible: BDT 11000

US Bangla Airlines:

Regular Economy: BDT 3999
Limited Offer: BDT 4200
Discounted Economy: BDT 5700
Business Class: BDT 10500

Novo Air:

Special Promo: BDT 4200
Promo: BDT 5600
Special: BDT 6000
Discount: BDT 7000
Saver: BDT 8000
Flexible: BDT 9000

Regent Airways:  

Special: BDT 3999
Special Promo: BDT 4200
Super Saver: BDT 4500
Economy Promo: BDT 4700
Business Flexible: BDT 10300 

Best hotels in cox’s baza

Hotel Sea Crown 3-star:

Marin Drive, Kolatoli New Beach, Cox’s Bazar, 4700, Bangladesh
Cox’s Bazar beach hotel with restaurant, bar/lounge
Free buffet breakfast, free WiFi, and free parking

Sayeman Beach Resort 4-star:

Marine Drive Road, Kolatali, Cox’s Bazar, Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, Bangladesh
Cox’s Bazar beach hotel with outdoor pool, restaurant
Free Internet and free parking

Long Beach Hotel4 5-star:

14, Kalatoli Road, Hotel Motel Zone, Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh
Luxury hotel in Cox’s Bazar with 2 restaurants, outdoor pool
Free WiFi and free parking

Hotel The Cox Today 3.5-star:

Plot 7, Road 2, Hotel Motel Zone, Kolatoly Road, Cox’s Bazar, 4700, Bangladesh
Beachfront hotel in Cox’s Bazar with outdoor pool, restaurant
Free continental breakfast, free WiFi, and free parking

Allegro Holiday Suites 3.5-star:

Plot No. 65, Block A, , Kolatoli Road, Cox’s Bazar, 4700, Bangladesh, 02-3483-5360
3.5-star Cox’s Bazar hotel with restaurant
Free WiFi and free parking

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